Home Staging – How to Make a Small Space Larger

Grand Rapids Home Staging Tip

How to make a small space larger! This is a great tip, especially if you own one of our downtown Grand Rapids condos or are considering buying one in the near future. The housing market has improved over last year but there is still a lot of competition for each individual listing. Whether you are using a Realtor or are selling your home on your own, I highly recommend using a competent Home Staging specialist like Julie Stone.

Once you have staged your home or Grand Rapids condo, then you will want to take some great pictures and preferably with a wide angle lens if you have one. You can also give the Planomatic folks a call. They can create a professional virtual tour of your home or condo complete with high quality pictures and a floorplan. With just about everyone using the internet to search for homes these days, it is very important to have quality pictures.

Design and Staging Tip – How to make a Small Space Larger

Grand Rapids Home StagingWhen decorating a small space in a home or preparing a home for sale with a small room that you want to look bigger; implement these simple tips.

TIP #1- ANGLE FURNITURE PLACEMENT. This is one of the most effective design tips to make a small space look larger. This works especially well when you don’t have a lot of furniture or accessories as it can fill an empty corner. Visually, angled lines push the walls apart, making the eye zigzag across the room for added interest.

TIP #2 – SOLID FABRICS. Solid fabrics on upholstered furniture or bedding help create the illusion of a larger piece of furniture, hence creating the perception of a larger room. Avoid bold patterns as they will over power the small space, making it look even smaller.

TIP #3 – PAINT THE CEILING WHITE. By painting the ceiling white and the walls a light hue color, it will open up the small space and make it appear larger than it really is. The most effective wall colors are white, soft blue, pale yellow, and light beige. Add colorful accents that will draw the eye to color and away from the small scale of the walls.

TIP #4 – ANGLE AREA RUGS. Just like tip #1 – angling an area rug just a few degrees changes the perceived size of the room. Not only does it create interest, it creates the illusion of large.

TIP #5 – MINIMIZE ACCESSORIES. Minimizing accessories and wall art help the eye focus on the intended use of the room. Too many accessories give the appearance that there is not enough space for all the stuff. LESS is BEST in small rooms!

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For more Design and Home Staging tips; visit my blog at JulieStoneInteriors.com or contact me at 616-581-2759 or e-mail juliestone7612@sbcglobal.net for your next design project or home staging needs.


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