Green Homes in Grand Rapids


What does “Going Green” in Grand Rapids mean?


Green Homes in Grand Rapids


Going Green has gone mainstream. Solar panels and dodgy water pressure are a thing of the past and no longer a worry. The U.S. Green Building Council’s definition of a “green home” is one that uses less natural resources, fewer toxic chemicals, less energy and are indistguishable from traditional homes.


There is alot more demand for Green construction and Green renovation and according to the American Institute of Architects in 2006, 90% of people surveyed said they would be willing to pay $5,000 or more to build or purchase a Green House which uses less energy and protects the earth.


If you are building a Green Home in Grand Rapids, the main Green Home building principles are:

  • Building for the health of your family
  • Building for the long term
  • Building for the planet 


When building a home with these Green principles in mind and using Green Building Methods, homes are generally of a higher quality and will save the homeowner money on utility bills in the long run. Generally, green building products are manufactured in an environmentally sound manner and use resources more efficiently. Products are stronger and more durable, lasting longer than conventional building products.


Green Home Building Methods are Products and Technology Which:

  • Conserves Natural Resources
  • Produces a more durable and less maintenance home
  • Uses energy more efficiently
  • Improved Indoor Air Quality


Benefits of Building a Green Home in Grand Rapids


  1. Green Home building materials are typically of a higher quality and often exceed building code requirements.
  2. Green Homes result in lower utility bills because they are more energy efficient.
  3. You will benefit from a healthier living environment because Green Home building methods use products that reduce or eliminate sources of indoor pollution.  
  4. Building Green homes reduce our impact on the environment and promotes a diverse economy.

By utilizing higher quality materials, maintenance costs are reduced, replacement costs are reduced and a higher resale value is expected.


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