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Sell your Home and Bring No Money to Close!

Grand Rapids Short Sales That is one of the main questions that I get, “Will I have to bring any money to close or do I have to pay any closing costs?” The answer to that is no, you will not have to bring any money to close.

There are many short sales in Grand Rapids these days and the good news is that lenders are realizing that they need to work with the homeowner, so they are beginning to negotiate on these  short sales. Basically, a short sale happens when the owner, through some form of hardship, can no longer make the payments but he can’t sell the house because he owes more than the house is actually worth.

At the Realty Executives Platinum Group, we have formed a relationship with a dedicated short sale negotiation and debt mitigation team that will negotiate with the banks on your behalf. Our goal is pretty simple, to sell your Grand Rapids Home and negotiate your short sale for you and to get you out from a very stressful situation and start you on the road to financial health.

Our Program Works! We have Several Short Sales pending and scheduled to close.

The same rules still apply when selling a home. Just because it is a distressed listing doesn’t mean is has to look distressed.

  • Aggressive Pricing. The house has to be priced competitively. The banks aren’t going to give it away but they know the market is bottoming out. You will be competing with hundreds of other homes so price is the most important factor. But not the only factor!
  • Marketing. In this day of rapid technological advances, buyers are in the drivers seat. They have many tools at their disposal with which to research their next move. You need an agent with a “search engine visible” website and the knowledge to maximize your home’s exposure online. That is where the buyers are!
  • Quality pictures. There just is not any reason that your agent can’t have good quality pictures with which to market your home. Pictures make a huge difference, in fact I know of several buyers that just won’t bother taking a tour of your home if they can’t view pictures before hand. Why would they bother wasting their time when there are so many other options? Your home needs to show well. A coat of paint and some inexpensive fixtures and kitchen hardware goes a long way.

Having said that, my main website is one of the top websites in town for many Grand Rapids Home Evaluationdifferent keywords. I average 20,000 hits each month from just one of my sites. Those numbers translate into massive exposure for your listing and is something of a hobby for me now. I really enjoy it, plus it works.

For example, using my marketing strategies, I sold one of my most recent listings in just 10 days, for 97.5% of the asking price! The sellers were thrilled and the buyer was thrilled. It was a win/win situation and a very pleasant experience.

For more information on Grand Rapids Short Sales and the marketing I use, please browse this website or send me an email. Better yet, simply google, “grand rapids short sales“.

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