Grand Rapids Real Estate Showings

Showing Some Awesome Grand Rapids Homes Today!

Grand Rapids Real EstateShowing a couple of gorgeous Grand Rapids homes located in some of our wonderful Ada Township Subdivisions. Looking at the market over the last year or so, the homes at this price point have had to really come down in price in order to attract those good, qualified buyers. It has been the same to some extent throughout most of the Grand Rapids market but particularly in these homes. Another thing I have noticed is that the home owners are now preparing their home for showings much better. Going the extra mile to really impress and that is a great idea and so important.

As a listing agent in Grand Rapids, while pricing a home correctly is the most important step when selling your home, another step that I recommend is preparing your home for the inevitable showings. First impressions are very important and a buyer looking for that high end home is expecting to see a home in show room condition. If you can have the lights on, soft music playing, even better. But it has to be clean and it has to smell nice and it has to be free from clutter.

Thinking of selling a home? Visit my Home Seller page for pricing and staging tips or feel free to contact me any time.

Today’s Showings

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