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As a Realtor or home owner, when listing a home for sale in a market that is already saturated with inventory, it is a very good idea to have an edge on your competition. Pricing your home competitively will always be the #1 factor in attracting motivated and qualified buyers but you also want to make a good impression when you finally do have a showing. This is where staging your home can really help pull it all together. It really does help to consult with an expert who can give you tips and a game plan for setting up your home to accentuate its best qualities.

Julie Stone with Staged To Sell by Julie, is an interior designer and an accredited staging professional. Here is a great, inexpensive tip on how to create a themed room.

How to Create a Themed Room

Grand Rapids Home StagingOften, I am asked how to create a space with a cohesive theme. Many times themed rooms are over done with too many accessories and explosions of color. Keeping it simple will tastefully illustrate the theme of the room.
For example; “the cottage theme room” can be pulled together by choosing three main colors, like; pale yellow, light blue and white. Repeat the established colors in the space three to five times. More than five splashes of color will create confusion and chaos to the eye. The colors can be introduced through window treatments, pictures, pillows, rugs, or accessories.
When choosing accessories for “the cottage theme”, follow the same rule as choosing colors; repeat no more than five times in the space. For example; your favorite collection of seashells and lighthouses can be displayed on a side table, in a picture, on a pillow, or on furniture fabric.
Whatever the selected color pallet or themed item; keep the number of three to no more than five. This design tip will create a well designed themed space that will WOW your guests and provide you with a cozy and relaxing living space.
Julie Stone, Interior Designer Accredited Staging Professional

Julie Stone

Staged to Sell by Julie

NEED HELP WITH YOUR NEXT INTERIOR DESIGN PROJECT? Julie Stone has 26 years interior re-design experience and can helptransform your home into a personalized space that you will enjoy living in.
HOME STAGING is the very best proven way to help a home sell faster. If the house is priced right and looks better than the competition, the house will sell in less time. Setting the scene throughout the house to create immediate buyer interest is the key to HOME STAGING.
For more Design and Home Staging tips; visit my blog at or contact me at 616-581-2759 or e-mail for your next design project or home staging needs.
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