Grand Rapids Best City for Raising a Family

Grand Rapids Best City For Raising a Family

Grand Rapids Real Estate MarketWhen my family and I moved to Grand Rapids sixteen years ago, we didn’t know what to expect. But one of the things we noticed right away was how much of a friendly and family oriented community it was. We were grateful for the warm welcome. Years later and now with kids of my own, I couldn’t be happier with Grand Rapids. The city has only striven to improve each year. Even through tough economic hardships and a hard hit real estate market, the city has taken steps to ensure the future would be bright.

With the Grand Rapids Real Estate Market looking like it is ready to make a long awaited and welcome comeback, we believe that Grand Rapids can make an excellent home for anyone and a recent study shows this to be true!


Grand Rapids, Michigan doesn’t boast a lot of affluence. The metro area population of 774,000 carries a median household of $47,040, good for just 65th place among America’s 100 largest MSAs. The city’s major claims to fame come from being a national leader in office furniture production, and for being the hometown of a U.S. president, Gerald Ford.

What Grand Rapids doses have: the distinction of being the best metro area in the country to raise a family in. Income may be relatively low, but the cost of living is even lower. The local school system ranks in the top third in the country. Commuting to work is a breeze. The housing foreclosure mess didn’t leave Grand Rapids unscathed, chopping about 12% off area home values over the past few years. But that’s still quite modest compared to many other places. Almost 90% of Grand Rapids’ housing stock is affordable to a family at the median income level, the seventh-highest rate in the country. And the local crime rate falls well below the national average.

“The housing bubble never burst because there was never any real bubble,” says Grand Rapids Mayor George Heartwell, pointing out the mostly modest, 2,200 square foot colonials that dot the local landscape. Heartwell is a believer in public-private partnerships: Several neighborhood associations, using grant money in partnership with the city, work to keep things in good repair. Call it steady as she goes. If Miami, Florida, with its glitz and glamour giving way to real estate bust is the hare, Grand Rapids is the tortoise. “Even our most depressed neighborhoods are not blighted,” he says.


The relative strength of Grand Rapids’ housing market is enough to push it past the next two cities on our list, Boise, Idaho and Provo, Utah, both of which are particularly noted for low crime and high school quality. Not to mention the chance to mix urban and outdoor lifestyles.

If you are considering a move to Grand Rapids, feel free to contact me anytime. You can also search for homes or condos right here on this website.

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