Grand Rapids Artprize 2010

Grand Rapids ArtPrize is Back!

Grand Rapids ArtPrize Artprize is back and downtown Grand Rapids is getting excited to be hosting such an original and creative competition. ArtPrize is a different type of art competition that turns Grand Rapids into a giant art exhibit. Not only limited to local artists, competitors will place their art entries around the city at official venues and the public is invited to visit and vote on their favorite pieces. The grand prize for first place is $250,000! That’s a lot of cheese! The top 10 entries receive a prize and artists can make one entry.

I took the kids there last year and was amazed at the incredible amount of art. There are some really creative people and Grand Rapids is proud to be able to showcase their work. It also doesn’t hurt revenue for local businesses as there were throngs of people making their way downtown. This year’s attendance should surpass last years and I’m excited for it to begin.

Registration for artists has ended but the competition officially kicks off September 22nd and  runs through October 10th. LastDowntown Grand Rapids year was an amazing success with $449,000 in prizes given out. There was 334,219 votes cast by 200,000 visitors at 159 venues over 16 days!!! There were 1262 artists competing from 41 states and 14 countries.

It was truly a varied and interesting collection of art. Some of my favorites was the River Monster (above), the kids liked that one. Then there was the amazing table and chairs that was built on  top of the Blue Pedestrian Bridge over the Grand River. The Grand Dance, a kinetic sculpture made of metal, was constructed in the center of the Grand River on a small pile of rocks. And then there was my personal favorite, Portraits. Portraits was a series of three 4×6 portraits of female faces. 3 large pictures made entirely of pushpins. 23,625 pushpins for each portrait…! This effort won 3rd place and $50,000.

Don’t miss this years ArtPrize!

ArtPrize Portraits The Grand Dance

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