Artprize 2010 Winner Announced – Grand Rapids

calvary artprize 2010

"Cavalry, American Officers, 1921" by Chris LaPorte

Well the second annual ArtPrize contest has ended and the winner was announced. It is Grand Rapids’ own Chris LaPorte, with his enormous pencil drawing of American Officers in fantastic detail. This drawing is an unbelievable 30 feet long by 8 feet tall. For his efforts, Chris wins the 1st place prize of $250,000! Congrats Chris, nice job!

ArtPrize is the world’s richest Contemporary Art competition and what is so interesting and different about it is that there are no professional judges. The winners are chosen by the viewers by vote. 1st Place is $250,000, 2nd Place is $100,000. The 2nd Place prize was won by Mia Tavonatti from Santa Ana, Calif., for her stained-glass work “Svelata.” Third prize of $50,000 went to Beili Liu of Austin, Texas, for “Lure/Wave, Grand Rapids” a large installation made from red thread and sewing needles. Artprize runs through the weekend so if you have not gone, make sure to go downtown and check out some of the pieces.

Downtown Grand Rapids’ small businesses are also seeing a large increase in revenue because of the throngs of people coming to town to see the displays. According to Anne Schieber at Wood TV8,

The gauge the impact, the GVSU econ department surveyed 800 visitors, and take into account personal situations. The Goldbergs of Dallas, for instance, are in town for a wedding, but spent time at ArtPrize as well as money.

It’s the same for stores.

“If a retail store is selling a shirt that they wouldn’t have sold otherwise, if we could attribute that to Artprize, we cant use the whole value of the shirt, we have to figure out the margin is for that store,” Sicilian said.

Museums are also looking at the long term economic impact, hoping to sell more memberships and get more donations.

Plus, the word-of-mouth on ArtPrize is invaluable.

“I’ve sent a couple of e-mails back to people in Dallas,” Jeremy Goldberg said. “You have to check this out. It’s so cool.”

This is very good for the city’s businesses and I can’t wait to see it again next year.

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